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How to lose weight

August 5, 2009
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If your battling weight issues and understand Chinese I highly the Xiao S weight loss program.  Anytime you feel like even drinking water just ast forward this clip to the 4min mark and pretend Xiao S is directly all her mean comments to you.

In the words of Xiao S “when you start to get hungry that’s the start of beauty”.



Copy Cat

August 1, 2009

After not enjoying her version of Hound Dog and finding out that vanity has blinded her from health I thought perhaps I should stop with the negative Alisa Galper (高以愛) comments and write something positive about her and her music because I do think she is a good singer.  Took a quick listen of her CD and I must say ‘rock your body’ has grown on me quite a bit.  I also do like her duet with Wilber Pan (潘瑋柏) called 出乎意料.  The rest of the album was very so so though.  A tad boring but nothing overly awful… until I got to the end of the album and hit track 12.  What the hell was she thinking doing a cover of Joanna Wang’s ‘Times of your life’?!  Seriously I would not want a slideshow of my life made with that song in the background!


Due to the inclusion of that song on Alisa’s debut album I feel unable to give it a rating.  In fairness to her though I do think her version is a million times better than Joanna’s but no I do not want to remember the times of my life!


D Day

July 30, 2009

The dreaded day has finally rolled around for this little pig.  No longer little he turns a mighty 30 today!  Happy Birthday Show!  He spent the day with his fans which I think is nice but strange.  If I were him i’d rather have just spent it with family and friends but I guess maybe to him his fans are like him fam now anyway.  Hopefully he’s not too depressed about starting a new decade in life.

No longer can he get mad when people mistake him for being 30!

In the wise words of Vanness.  30 is the new 20.

Show, if you still can’t handle the fact that your 30 though always remember Vanness will forever be a year older than you.


English practice time

July 28, 2009

kobeKobe was in Taipei last week for the Nike promotion party thing.  Obviously from the photo Show was there as well.  I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall to see how that conversation went down.  I wonder if he was brave enough to have busted out some ‘yeh man’  and ‘check this out’.  haha!


Hate mail

July 25, 2009

dtYou know you’ve made it as an artist when there are people that can actually be bothered to create a hate website about you. Congratulations David Tao (陶喆) your a mega star!  Yeah I know that having a hate website created about you must kinda suck and be hurtful but it’s a little funny though that people can actually be bothered creating a hate website about someone they don’t even know.  I mean there are celebrities I don’t particularly like but i’m not gonna have a website created solely on the basis of how I hate them.  I will however post about it so not sure if that makes me any better.  Anyway I just find this quite hilarious.


Tight Spender

July 24, 2009

arielSo apparently Ariel Lin (林依晨) doesn’t spend more than NT10,000 ($US300) a month!  So I realise she probably doesn’t need to spend on rent nor much on food since she doesn’t really seem to eat that is still a ridiculously low amount given how much she must be making!  In a way I think it’s good and makes me admire how she lives a very humble life without the extravagance that she can obviously afford.  I think she’s a good role model for her fans on how money shouldn’t be the determining factor in leading a happy and fulfilled life.


Dream realisation

July 23, 2009

Alien Huang has finally realised his dream and released an EP.  Actually i’m not sure if his dream was to be able to release and EP or an album but whatever.  Similar things.  I’ve taken a listen and am sad to say that it sucks.  I always thought it would probably be bad but part of me was really hoping for his sake that it would be good because he seems like a nice, funny hard working guy.  He just can’t really sing.  I’m not sure if he has a singing teacher teaching him right now I assume he does in which case he really needs to change teachers.  Anyway here is him singing live and sucking at it.


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